The Lost Lake Dig


Juvenile Fiction/Fantasy

The travelers slipped from their chairs to the floor and walked over to the pole. Yestern slid down first, then Diamian and Ben. Tock clamped a hand on Joey's shoulder and nodded for Ella to go next. She slid down.

Tock jerked Joey close and hissed in his ear, "Remember this and fear not: the dark of night, a thumb not real, flames of fire, the flight of eagles . . . they are your friends."

Joey's knees buckled from fright.

Tock, his eyes bursting with light, held him up and said, "Now go!"

Joey grabbed the pole and slid to the ground. Tock looked down from above, his eyes sparkling.

"Be brave, Joey Sir. Be brave!"

The year is 1750. A lonely boy named Joey stumbles into a parallel world behind his family’s farmhouse and is elated to find his old friend Ben there. Together they join an expedition to retrieve a “gusher”—a buoyant, glowing sphere that holds an as-yet unthought-of brilliant idea. With a crack team of finders, diggers, seers, and winders, they face bloodthirsty trolls, an insane miner, and unrelenting hardships on their quest.

Selected by Independent Publisher as one of the best newly released, independently published titles, exhibiting superior levels of creativity and originality.