The Lost Lake Dig


If you’ve ever had a good idea and wondered, “Now where did that come from?” then this book is for you. It tells how all ideas are mined in a parallel world before magically being released for our discovery.

The year is 1750. Joey stumbles into this parallel world behind his family’s farmhouse and is elated to find his old friend Ben there. Together they join an expedition to retrieve a “gusher”--a glowing sphere that holds an as-yet unthought-of brilliant idea. With a crack team of finders, diggers, seers, and winders, they face bloodthirsty trolls, an insane miner, and unrelenting hardships on their quest.


Joey’s world is about to change forever . . .

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Ideas define us:

our past, our present,

and most importantly,

our future.

      Last line of The Lost Lake Dig

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Loved the book!

                       Benjamin Franklin Awards

(The Lost Lake Dig) is a winner--an extravagantly
imaginative and cunningly constructed adventure
that tackles the age-old question of where ideas
come from.
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                         Tim Grundmann, Author of Disney’s

                       Doug Chronicles series: Winter Games,

                       Lost in Space, and Funnie Haunted House